You Will Learn:

  • Basic knowledge of Stocks
  • How the Stock Market Works 
  • How You can Get Started In The Market
  • How To Analyze Stocks
  • Learn Evaluation Techniques
  • How to Find the Broker That is Right for you
  • Stock Definitions to better help with understanding 
  • How to Read Charts
  • How to Analyze with Charts


  • No Prior Investment Experience or Knowledge Required
  • PC and Internet Connection



This course is for those who have little to no experience in Stocks. 

Do you have an interest in the Stock Market but are uncertain of how it works?

Do you understand the Bullish and Bearish Market Terminologies?

What about how to identify stocks that fall into these categories?

Once you complete this course you will be able to Answer these questions and Start trading with confidence. 

This course is designed Simple, to the Point, and with the consideration of time in mind as the Market is ever so changing by the Minute. Hey, we’d like to get you going because you never know what deal may be happening right now without the proper preparation. As we learned in our own experience, knowledge and understanding does not have to be a long lethargic and drawn out process. The Beginners of Beginners can find use of this course and get prepared to begin trading right away with conviction. 

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